Our canoes are rather big: wider than most of canoes, equipped with 3 seats that would comfortably fit 2 adults and a youngster or even 2 kids under 6 y.o. (but it ofcourse always comes down to their height and weight particularly). Enough storage space for everything one usually would take on a boat trip. The boat has also a closable compartment for belongings. Theese canoes are perfect even for the longest of our Gauja river tours and will serve well in any other sandy, calm river (e.g. Salaca) or lakes. For touring rocky rivers on the other hand we would suggest another boat type.


Simple kayaks with 2 adult seats (with backrests) and a small – rather symbolic – seat for a child in the middle. The boat itself is compact therefor easily steerable and suitable also for smaller, curvier rivers like Brasla or Maza Jugla. Perfect for 1-to-3 day tours, while might perhaps feel a bit narrow for longer tours. Has luggage tensioners on front part of the boat for storing small items.

KAYAK TYPE B (single person):

Simple and fast kayak for single use. Good quality, durable material will fit perfectly for various types of rivers. Has a seat with soft backrest and a cupholder. It has luggage tensioners (rubber strings) on top ot the hull (front and rear) for keeping small items easily reachable .


Vests: 50N for adults and 100N for kids. Different sizes and models. Also some vests for small kids (under 5 y.o.) are available.

Paddles: wooden canoe paddles and plastic/aluminium kayak paddles (2 sizes) available.

Waterproof bags

Waterproof containers

We always provide our guests with small plastic bags for mobile phones as well – it’s a trifle, but sometimes it can prove to be very useful 🙂

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