Tour on Maza Jugla river (1 day)
Tour on Maza Jugla river (1 day)

Wonderful getaway option near Riga – an alternative to the more touristic and wide Gauja river. Mazā Jugla (mazā = small) river in comparison is a lot narrower, a bit rocky and very curvy one – perfect choice to those looking for a bit of adventurous struggle instead of complete “nothingdoing”.

Mazā Jugla tour

This single day tour begins near Tīnūži bridge and right away brings a small challenge – getting in the boat here isn’t really the easiest thing to acomplish. But once in the boat the river is rather simple. At some places (and in certain weather circumstances) it can be so shallow that it requires some kayak carrying/dragging. Also, rocks and stones will stick out of the water in places so You must keep Your eyes open and be prepared for unexpected bumps from below.

Usually we recommend to enjoy this tour during months of higher levels of water: april, may, perhaps june, september and october, but even then one needs to be ready to some minor wading.

After paddling ~5 km, You will find Yourself on top of a small dam crossing the river in its entire width. Two options: either to cross the dam and go on down the river or to take the canal – both options require getting out of the boat and some pulling / pushing / carying. If it is canal, it is going to be completely straight section for about 1km and some kayak carying at the end of it to get back into the river again. But if You decide to take the river by the dam already, then it is lots and lots of curves – try to count them, it’s a challange! 🙂

Minor rapids, small island-ish formations, stones, bushes, a fallen tree here and there – this is the typical “contents” of this river tour. Ofcourse, there is a lot more to see, do and to tell about, but let us maybe leave it for Yourselves to reveal will we? 🙂 Please, do not hesitate to ask for more details and information by contacting us though – we will be more then happy to assist.

In the end let’s have a small insight: 2 km after Ceplisi village (on the right bank) the flow is stopped by a dam of Dobelnieki HPP (hydroelectro power plant). It is crossroads of the tour here and a moment of decision: one can either cross the dam and go on paddling the curves of the river or hop out on the left side, have a 100m walk (where for the sake of change boats are the ones being carried not the other way around :)) and continue paddling on the canal which once again will meet the river near Dobelnieki bridge after ~1 km (pulling the boats again out and performing another short walk with boats on hands).

Dobelnieki HPP damb and fish way

Distance: ~10 km

Time: ~3-4 hours

Starting from: Tīnūži bridge

Finishing in: near Dobelnieki bridge 

Other options:

  • Suntaži – Jugla (14 km)
  • Jugla – Tūrkalne (15 km)
  • Tūrkalne – Tīnūži (16 km)
  • Prolongation of Tīnūži – Dobelnieki tour