Tour of Brasla river (Brasla, Gauja, 1 day)
Tour of Brasla river (Brasla, Gauja, 1 day)

brasla gauja kayakingThis one is quiet a tour to be honest! It is an offer for those who, in addition to wonderful views, are also looking for a little bit of action: some physical activity, small-to-medium rapids, rocky bottom, obstacles (fallen trees etc.). This tour could even get You wet – be prepared and enjoy! 🙂

Two rivers – two rather different rivers – in one tour! You will start Your trip in very “lake-a-like” part of Brasla river: at this point nothing suggests that it could bring You the action we promised. However, soon You reach a dam and this is where the warm-up section ends. You have to pull Your boats out here and bring them down the dam to get into “another” Brasla river: rather narrow, restless, quickly running and bending rocky river as it is. What makes it a bit difficult is the fact that Brasla constantly drags Your attention away to its beautiful, majestic sandstone cliffs and outcrops. Well please – enjoy them ofcourse! …but be careful not to forget to look ahead of You as well as Brasla is famous of its black stones which are extremely hard to notice by eye: they use to lay just below the water surface so You can not see them – at some moment You just feel a sudden bump from underneath and You better be prepared to keep the boat in balance then… Hold on to Your hats guys! 🙂

Finally You have reached Gauja river – that same, famous “queen of all rivers” – the longest river of Latvia. This is where You can relax once again, the final stage of the tour is going to be calm and easy: wide river, lots of space and no rapids. Towards the end the spectacular view of Turaida castle shall arise right in front of You.

Distance: 19 km

Time: ~4 hours

Starting from: Brasla Bridge (A3 road)

Finishing in: near Sigulda town (Gauja river)