Leiputrija – Dzirnezers lake – Carnikava (Gauja & Dzirnezers, 1 Day)
Leiputrija – Dzirnezers lake – Carnikava (Gauja & Dzirnezers, 1 Day)
Dzirnezers lake

Colourful mix of 3-in-1: river, lake and the sea (!): the tour consists of 19 km of paddling on Gauja river and then entering Dzirnezers lake through “Gauja – Dzirnezers” canal. How many km on lake? Well… it depends on You mostly 🙂 It is not a huge lake, but it is certainly big enough to require an hour or two to tour it all around.

While on Gauja river, one can enjoy quietness fully: the lower part of the river is as wide and “lazy” as it gets. Couple of sandy islands, rich water-bird wildlife, slow waters… leisure.

The canal leading to Dzirnezers lake shall be on Your right, just before railway bridge of Carnikava. The lake has 5 islands. On one of them (“Sudrabsalina” – Silver island) there is a nice public resting place installed; also a pedestrian bridge connects the island with mainland.

After returning to Gauja river one can pass Carnikava (finishing point of the tour) and go down to the very sea. The estuary of Gauja ir magnificent peace of nature (Seaside nature park) – well preserved. After then one needs to get back to Carnikava, but that should not be a difficul task as the lower part of the river has no stream anyway – it’s like touring a lake.

Exiting Gauja – Dzirnezers canal (direction from Dzirnezers lake back to Gauja river)

Distance: ~21 km + touring around the lake as much as one wants to + 4 extra km if going to meat the sea (rivermouth).

Time: 5+ hours

Starting from: campsite “Leiputrija” / Ilkene village

Finishing in (pick-up place): on left bank of Gauja river – by the local history museum of Carnikava.