Gaujiena – Baltic sea (Gauja, 9+ Days)
Gauja estuary - Seaside Nature park
Gaujiena – Baltic sea (Gauja, 9+ Days)

This is one truly wonderful full-time paddling vacation, a real journey through Latvia – proudly offered and guided by the longest river of Latvia, the fabulous GAUJA herself! 🙂 …was it too loudly said? Not at all.
Gauja is not only the longest river in Latvia (452 km) – it’s navigable length and the distance of uninterrupted flow is what makes it so inviting to traveler: for more than 260 km (from Gaujiena town down till the very sea) there are no electro-stations, water-mills or any other obstacles on Your way.

The river flows through vast and very diverse areas: across plains and highlands, valleys, meadows and forests. To be exact Gauja river valley near Sigulda makes it the deepest in Baltics and reaches up to 85 meters in depth and 1 to 2 km in width. The great diversity this route offers reveals itself in many ways: from pretty fast stream and even some minor rapids here and there till slow and massive flow which gives a feeling of touring a lake rather then a river; from steep cliffs and sandstone outcrops to almost entirely flat riverbanks; from purely wild views of dark forests and green meadows till boating through historical towns and medieval Hansaetic cities of Valmiera and Cesis and twisting amongst dozens of islands in lower parts of Gauja.

Gauja river – rocks and sandstone outcrops

The river itself will grow in front of Your eyes with each km You tour on it: from a barely mid-sized river near Gaujiena to at least 5 times of the size near Carnikava. This is where by the way the longest pedestrian bridge in Latvia is built. And again – who else it is to blame on it if not Gauja river itself which ofcourse dictated how long the bridge should be constructed right?

Another highlight? Here You go – Gauja river has given its name to the biggest national park of Baltics – Gauja National park. Gauja flows through it from Valmiera to Murjani and to travelers not only it offers wonderful nature and remarkable amount of cultural and historic sites to enjoy all around, but also provides with at least 20 equipped, free-of-charge resting places along the river-bank to stay overnight in.

One more? On it’s way to the sea Gauja makes a large circle around Vidzeme region touching the border of Estonia (the river itself marks the borded for several kilometers, to be true), so for some moment one can in fact enjoy 2 different countries at a time.

Turaida castle

All that is being brought to You by this single river, this single route and there is a lot more to see, do and to tell about, but let us maybe leave it for Yourselves to reveal will we? 🙂 Please, do not hesitate to ask for more details and information by contacting us though – we will be more then happy to assist.

Distance: ~260 km

Time: ~10 days (can take a bit more or less – it mostly depends on water level and Your preferred paddling tempo, time spent on stopping points etc.)

Starting from: Gaujiena town

Finishing in: Gulf of Riga (Baltic sea) near Carnikava


Gaujiena-Baltic sea - a 10 day kayak/canoe tour