Sigulda – Leiputrija (Gauja, 1 day)
Sigulda – Leiputrija (Gauja, 1 day)
Velnala cliffs near Sigulda

Single day tour from Sigulda to campsite “Leiputrija” is a full-day trip, so definitely pack some sandwiches with You 🙂

The rather long distance allows one to enjoy significant diversity in river itself and landscapes around it. At the beginning – between Sigulda and Murjani – Gauja twists and turns, curve after curve flowing through the valley which reaches up to 80 metres (deepest in Baltics). Banks reveal several rock outcrops: Velnala cliff, Ziedleju cliffs etc. Then after passing Murjani the river turns much straighter and river banks get flatter and series of islands appear on the way.

Sigulda is the most touristic town of Gauja National park, so some boating traffic is possible, but as soon as You will pass Murjani, it should get a lot more peaceful.

Long islands split the river in 2 lanes. Here – the narrow “version” of Gauja

Amongst man-made things to see there the most noticable would be: Krimulda manor, Sigulda’s cable car, Bobsleigh and ludge track as well as pedestrian bridge. Otherwise: scenic forestal landscapes everywhere, all the time, non-stop.

Interesting: locals consider Sigulda to reveal its true beauty in autumn – when trees turn yellow and red and entire river valley “explodes” in colour, so do not hesitate to ask for a boat tour in september and october as well! Enjoy!

Distance: 34 km

Time: 7-8 hours

Starting from: Sigulda town

Finishing in: campsite “Leiputrija” / Ilkene village