Līgatne – Leiputrija (Gauja, 2 Days)
Līgatne – Leiputrija (Gauja, 2 Days)

Yes, we know… real boating experience starts with 2-day trips, as staying overnight while on tour is what can make it so much more exciting. That is why we warmly suggest You this 2-day tour from Ligatne to “Leiputrija” and remind You that it can be easily prolonged by adding an extra stage “Leiputrija – Baltic sea” (+1 day) to get Your “gran finale” – entering the sea.

The tour begins in Ligatne, exactly by the historical Ligatne ferry. Your first day is going to be the day of cliffs and rocks: Jumpravu, Katrinas and Gudu cliffs are only some of those on the way to Sigulda.

Another spectacular view is going to be the medieval castle of Turaida – a bit hidden in forestal hills high above Gauja river, shortly before reaching Sigulda town. This is also where the deepest part of Gauja valley is. When passing Sigulda, You will see Sigulda’s bridge, perhaps the cable car of Sigulda and Krimulda manor – again high above on Your right.

There are sevaral options for overnight stay: from free-of-charge resting places speacially made for canoe/kayak tourists to well equipped campsites (tent places, cabins).

On second day completely different Gauja will appear as You will exit the National park, near Murjani: the river gets wider, banks lower and islands will emerge in front of You one after another. This is the relaxing and silent Gauja as tourist masses are left behind in borders of the National park. Enjoy, relax and have this moment for Yourselves.

Distance: 57 km

Time: 2-3 days

Starting from: Ligatne, near Gauja ferry

Finishing in: campsite “Leiputrija” / Ilkene village

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