Murjani – Leiputrija (Gauja, 1 day)
Murjani – Leiputrija (Gauja, 1 day)
Wonderful wildlife on the way from Murjani to Leiputrija

Lovely midrange route – a route of islands: no other part of the river has so many of them. So, don’t hesitate to have a short lunch / sunbathing stop in plane nature – on an island just for Yourselves!

Several islands are as long as 200 m and up to 400 m which creates a feeling of 2 parallel and pretty different rivers – one being the typically wide one while another rather narrow. That is exactly what makes it so interesting: choose the narrow side of the island and instead of typical lower Gauja You will have Yourself a mini-tour on a small “jungle” river: with trees leaning above Your heads, riverbanks almost touching the boat…

…OR stay with the usual panoramic, widely-open “version” of Gauja where You can simply relax and let the stream take You ahead.

Distance: 17 km

Time: 3-4 hours

Starting from: Murjani town

Finishing in: campsite “Leiputrija” / Ilkene village