Dunezers & Lilaste lakes (1 Day)
Dunezers & Lilaste lakes (1 Day)

One tour – Two lakes. Theese two rather big and seemingly independent lakes are conveniently connected by a short strait which makes it possible for a traveler to get from one to another. The strait is at some parts of the season (late season usually) pretty overgrown but navigable.

We have made the tour so that one should not return to the starting point: instead You start from the very southern part of Dunezers and finish north-east of Lilaste lake therefor covering both lakes in almost entire length. Otherwise the route is completely up to You: straight forward, along the shores, in circles, curves or zig-zags 🙂 You decide.

Although lakes are situated quite close to a highway, this is definately an environment we would call a natural and green one. No cities or even towns are built on its shores, the highway “touches” each one of the lakes on their eastern parts, but this is it. Couple of rural households, couple of lonely fishermen… mostly just forests, birds, forests, birds 🙂

Distance: 6+ km

Time: 2+ hours

Starting from: “Divezeri” rural area (south-eastern side of Dunezers lake)

Finishing in: near “Porto resort” hotel (north-western side of Lilaste lake). Tip: there is a nice restaurant in the hotel – have a lovely lunch, dinner or a simple coffee break while waiting for a pick-up!

(!) Tours to begin in June 2019

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