Dunezers + Lilaste lake & river (1 Day)
Dunezers + Lilaste lake & river (1 Day)


WHAT A SET! Two lakes + river + sea meets in one tour! Theese two rather big and seemingly independent lakes are conveniently connected by a narrow strait which makes it possible for a traveler to get from one to another.

We have made the tour so that one should not return to the starting point: instead You start from the very southern part of Dunezers and finish north-west of Lilaste lake therefor covering both lakes in almost entire length. Otherwise the route is completely up to You: straight forward, along the shores, in circles, around islands, in curves or zig-zags 🙂 You decide.

There are 3 small rivers flowing into those lakes: Cimelupe and Puska can be found on eastern shore of Dunezers lake while Melnupe flows into Lilaste lake (also from the east). If You are willing to take a glimpse in one of those, please do so – although one can usually not get too far ahead there as fallen trees are common obstacles in theese lovely “jungle rivers” 🙂 But certainly – do take a look! Those 50 meters along let’s say Puska river can certainly add some extra feel to the tour!

For those looking for even more: an optional extension is possible. After reaching the north-west of Lilaste lake instead of finishing You can enter Lilaste river and this small and quiet river will shurely lead You to the very seaside (less than 2km of distance one way). After then You return to Lilaste lake the same way You came. Don’t worry about the stream – one can barely feel one here. Getting back will not be a problem.

Distance: ~8 km (lakes) + 4 km (optional: via river to the sea and back)

Time: 3-5 hours

Starting from: “Divezeri” rural area (south-eastern side of Dunezers lake)

Attention: if choosing to extend Your tour to the sea, do not enter it with boat (!) Hop out in the beach before reaching open waters: kayaks and canoes are not suitable for touring the sea. And always make sure that boats are pulled out safely – especially when near the sea 🙂

Finishing in: near
“Porto resort” hotel (north-western side of Lilaste lake). Tip: there is
a nice restaurant in the hotel – have a lovely lunch, dinner or a
simple coffee break while waiting for a pick-up!