Tours on Gauja river (2-10 days)
Tours on Gauja river (2-10 days)

Gauja river is the longest river in Latvia, it is easily navigable – suits perfectly also to those going on their first boat-tour. It flows uninterrupted for more than 260 km and has very few minor rapids (e.g. near Valmiera and Strenci). Surprisingly enough people have managed to preserve the river and its incredible, natural beauty from disappearing under dambs and power stations therefor the river flows exactly as Mother nature once made it to. And to You, dear traveler, that means wonderful sights, scenic views and being as close to nature as possible.

Gauja National park: Gauja has given it’s name to the biggest national park in Baltics. The national park reaches from Valmiera to Murjani. If willing to see exactly this part of the river, amongst many routes we offer, there is also such tour – from one end of the national park to another.

Routes: we offer various routes in entire navigable lenght of Gauja river. The longest of them is from Gaujiena town to the very Baltic sea which makes 260 wonderful kilometers of paddling. See some options in the following map:

Kayaking in Gauja river, near Sigulda
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